So, you're interested in the smallweb

But what is it? How do I access it?

The smallweb consists of protocols (like http) which are generally very basic and don't require a lot of resource to manage/use. This list includes Gemini, Gopher, Finger, and other lesser-known protocols.

Gemini Clients

Gopher Clients

And my personal favorite, which offers support for both,


Okay, you got your browser. Now what?

Well, you can start by reading this page FROM gemini! (unless you already are)

Do it!! Click me!

Got something you want to search for? Search Engine

Wanna start building your own corner of geminispace?

Yestercities Capsule Host

Or, some other providers: Capsule Host Gemlog Host Gemlog Host tilde server

But wait, what's gemtext?

It's a kind of markdown built for the gemini protocol similar to how HTML was built for HTTP. It's super easy to learn and use!

Gemtext guide

Notable Mentions

The Yesterweb - Making this service possible

Amphipod - Gemini/Gopher crawler

Astrobotany - Community Gardening in Geminispace

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