Alexis Gaming Reviews on Gemini!

Welcome to my Gemini capsule! This mainly contains my stuff here and outside the platform, and it's changes almost everyday.

Starting Places

📖 Blog posts

All of my rants, thoughts, reviews and everything in between.

🔎 Site directory (for Gemini)

Cool sites I recommend visiting!

📦 Projects

My current and upcoming works.

📝 Guestbook

Any thoughts on this capsule? Let it out.

📄 Kibibyte Gemini Updates

Updates to my capsule!

⬇️ Download Center

Find something intertesting here to download!

🤔 About Me

Learn more about the site and who I am!

❓ Basic utils & guides

🌐 Lagrange Client (Windows, Mac, Linux)

🌐 Lagrange Client (Android via F-Droid)

📄 How to use Gemtext

📝 Make your own capsule!

📃 Links

🌐 My Website!

▶️ YouTube Channel!

🐦 Twitter

🐘 Mastodon

🏦 Internet Archive

🖥️ My GitHub

🖥️ My Bitbucket

🌐 speedie's website

🌐 WordPress

My Public GPG key (fingerprint) 🔐

📬 Feeds

📬 RSS 0.91 feed

📬 RSS 0.91 Alt feed

📬 RSS 1.0 feed

📬 RSS 2.0 feed

📬 Atom feed

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