Alexis Gaming Reviews on Gemini!

Hello and welcome to my Gemini capsule here at Yesterweb!

The Hallway

Welcome to my Gemini capsule! This mainly contains my stuff here and outside the platform, and it's changes almost everyday.

📄 Menu

Pages that you can visit into!

📖 Blog posts

📦 Projects

🔎 Site directory (for Gemini)

📝 Guestbook

💻 GUI Timeline (🏗 Under heavy construction 🏗)

📄 Kibibyte Gemini Updates

My Public GPG key (fingerprint) 🔐

🎶 My Mixes

My mixtapes! Hope you enjoy!

🌎 Mother (1989 vocal album)

🔀 Random Mix

❓ New to Gemini?

Interested in Gemini? Check these out!

Lagrange Client (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Lagrange Client (Android via F-Droid)

How to use Gemtext

Make your own capsule!

🌎 Gemini Proxies

Hate having a separate browser? Use these ones instead!

Vulpes Proxy Portal


This site on Yesterweb proxy

🎮 Stuff!

Stuff that I have on HTTP!

My Website!

▶ YouTube Channel!

Ken 3D Blast (upcoming)



Internet Archive

📬 Feeds (HTTPS)

Feeds that I have via Neocities, check out the gemlog for the Gemini feed!

RSS 1.0 feed

RSS 2.0 feed

Atom feed

📦 Other Stuff

Stuff that I have like other socials or cool people outside Gemini.

My GitHub

My GitLab

speedie's website


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