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2022-11-04 Introducing: AGR Classic - The Overhaul! (AGRCv2)

I overhauled my website! Hopefully for the better!

2022-08-28 First week of Face to Face, and my thoughts

After 2 years, face to face classes return. But what does Alexis think?

2022-04-16 Modern Internet is shit

My thoughts about why the internet evolves backwards. Web3, Hidden surveillance, Cryptocurrencies are one of these that make Internet shit. But you can change it after reading the article.

2022-03-31 Why I think RSS is based

My thoughts about RSS and why it's still verstile for delivering content even to this day.

2022-03-19 My Rant about Soydevs

My rant about soydevs ruin the modern internet landscape and technology in general. I also included a tip on how to be a based Linux user.

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